New School Year in India – 23 Jul 10


Since the 1st July the schools in India are open again and also our students are sitting in their benches again, enjoying reading, writing, calculating and learning more about their own and other countries. There are however still families who come now for admitting their children, nearly one month after the beginning of the school year. We took a lot of new children but yesterday Purnendu told me that he cannot admit any more, there is simply not enough space for more of them.

Actually, this year was even a bit more than the usual amount of new children. In our neighbourhood there was another primary school. It had started some years ago and the idea of the owner and principal was to give education for free while the children buy books, pencils, uniforms and everything else themselves. There was also an admission fee for them.

Unfortunately neither the school nor the parents were able to afford that. The parents could not buy all books, notebooks and other supplies and the school had difficulties raising funds for the salary of the teachers. This is how only 20 children were left at his school this year and the principal came to us to ask if we wouldn’t let those children come to our school where they would not have to pay any fees at all.

We knew that those children were from poor families, too, and we were thinking about what would happen to them if we did not admit them in our school. Now, in the middle of July and without money the parents will hardly find a place for them.

And this is how we have approximately 150 children again in our school. They enjoy, play, learn and eat together. We now have to make two rounds of food, so that all children can eat. I want to thank all our Indian sponsors who contributed so that we could buy books and notebooks, pencils, rubbers, sharpeners and more for our children.

Of course there are now new children and many expenses that come with another year and we would love to have your support! You can sponsor a day’s food for the children at our school or you can sponsor a child and help us in this way.

We are looking forward to helping these children, to spend another year with them and give them the basis for a good future.

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