New Furniture in School by Donations for Poor Children in India – 17 Dec 08


Maybe you saw the picture in yesterday’s diary and have seen that here is lots of snow. It is cold, the temperature is in minus, when we arrived here I saw that it reached minus seven degrees. I heard that also in India it is getting more and more cold and today Purnendu sent some very nice pictures. It gave me much joy to see them.

The children in our school have furniture now. They are sitting on benches and have writing desks, too. So they do not have to sit on the cold floor anymore. In summer sitting on the floor is not any problem and normal but in winter it gets too cold.

We could buy this furniture with the help of a friend who came from New York for the Ayurvedic Yoga Course. She came when I was also still there. Her name is Su. I came here to Germany before she left the Ashram as she extended her ticket after the course. She enjoyed the atmosphere of the Ashram and the children touched her very much. Su wrote about her experience and feelings when she was at teh Ashram. She encouraged some of her friends and they all contributed so that Purnendu could order this furniture. Now he told me that the children are sitting in the new benches and writing their half-year exams. They are all very happy and I want to thank Su and all her friends for this contribution.

Su told me that she will go on encouraging more people in her surrounding to support our activities because she saw herself that there are some more important projects that have to be done. We need to build a new classroom and some doors and windows have to be replaced. Very important would also be to buy a vehicle with which we can pick the children up in the morning and drop them home in the afternoon because many of them come from far away. Then the rooms have to be painted freshly again and some more things have to be done. I send lots of love and blessings to Su and to all the people who help us in our projects.

Yesterday I even gave this idea in our Christmas Newsletter that it would be a very good gift for yourself or for your family, friends and relatives to sponsor a child or the food for a day. Normally we really live in abundance and have everything so that each year it is difficult to think for a present for everyone but this is something that can enlighten the future of this universe.

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