Celebrate your Birthday by Donating Food for Children – 25 Oct 08


Today the kitchen prepared extra vegetables and a special kind of flat bread for the children because today’s food was sponsored. It was a birthday gift for a nun, Sister Mechtild from Germany, who had her 85th birthday. What can be a greater gift for this woman? I don’t know her in person but I know nuns devote their lives to God, to do good. For me God is in the children and I am sure the nun will also see it as a wonderful present.

I have told you already that many children actually come to school because they get a warm meal. Feeding children is one of the most satisfying things that you can do and it is a wonderful support for our school and Kindergarten when more and more people make this present to their loved ones or celebrate themselves in this way. We will be very thankful and we always appreciate this support from this kind of present.

We live in a time in which we often don’t know what to give as a gift because it seems that you already gave everything on other birthdays or on Christmas or because that person seems to have everything anyway. There are funny presents like buying a part of a star in the name of this person and often one just ends up buying some small thing that you can put in a cupboard to look at it and which doesn’t have any other sense. I think supporting a project for children, feeding them or giving them the chance to learn reading and writing is a present that makes much more sense and which makes several people happy at one time.

I like to take walks in the garden now in the afternoon because the weather is pleasantly warm without being hot. When I was walking I saw butterflies in the trees and the photographer in me awoke. I took some pictures and the result you can see on the bottom of this page. They have wonderful colours!

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  1. Holly

    I have 8 kids, so I might not be able to do that. But, I will definitely do it for my birthday. Great idea!

  2. Christopher

    This is beautiful.

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