Yamuna Flood in Vrindavan is Getting Worse – 27 Sep 10


The situation of the flood in Vrindavan is getting worse and worse. As I told you, the water has entered the inner city and the Parikrama Marg, the pilgrimage way around the city has been impossible to walk for about a month now, since the water has flooded the streets. Hundreds of houses are in the water. In 150 temples, all rituals and worshipping had to be stopped as it is not anymore possible to access the altars. The schools of Vrindavan are closed on government orders.

Many parts of the town do not have electricity anymore and phone connections have not been working for a while. The whole city’s water supply is interrupted as the water pump is under water now. At the Ashram, too, we have not had water supplied for the last 4 days and needed to arrange tankers of water for us and our neighbours.

We are lucky to live a few meters higher so that the water could not reach up to us. It is now 400 meters away from us and we are happy to still have electricity and internet so that I can update and report about changes of the situation in my diary.

We will of course keep up the help. On Thursday we have plans to have another medical camp at the Ashram. In the last medical check-up, the doctor noticed that some of the children of our school may have tuberculosis and suggested to make thorough ultrasound examinations. After Thursday we will know for sure and can start the treatment for those who need it.

It does not seem right to continuously ask you for donations and I think everybody agrees that the Yamuna water has flooded Vrindavan for long enough now but that is nature and it has its own laws. It is the end of September which is usually the end of monsoon time. Now the water levels are still rising but we keep up the hope and our fingers crossed that it will stop soon. For now however people still need your support and your contribution is very welcome!

A lot of thanks again to everybody who has donated until now. I would like you to see what all your support until now has brought and that is why we keep our flood page updated regularly.

We are committed to give the flood victims our support. We want to ask you to keep compassion for them, think of them and send your wishes and prayers. Please spread the news to everybody who has not heard about it yet and would like to know about the flood in Vrindavan. Maybe some more of your friends and family would like to contribute.


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  1. Desiray

    It is sad to hear these people have had to leave their homes! I’m really glad you have the paypal button at the bottom to make it easy for everyone to help out.

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