Protecting Others of the Cold – 4 Jan 09


Yesterday I told you that it got very cold in Vrindavan. After hearing this from Purnendu I said to him to take some care of those people who do not have a house and who are used to sleep on a piece of plastic on the floor. For them this cold can be life-threatening and each year many poor people also die.

Each year we buy blankets and distribute them among those who need it. We know the places where these people are sleeping and Purnendu went there together with Thomas and Iris to give them something warm to cover themselves. In this way help can reach directly to those who are in need.

It is a wonderful feeling to help someone like this. One time I arrived at the railway station at three o’clock in the morning. It was winter and it was very cold. One old woman walked by, shivering very much. I took of my shawl and put it over my shoulders. A car was waiting for me so I thought I can survive until I am at home but she is living outside in the cold. I was seventeen years old.

Another time I was going out from my house and on the way I passed a man who was very ill. He had just vomited on the street and he could not walk further. I called a Riksha and went to the hospital together with him. We paid the doctor’s fees and we sent a boy from the Ashram there, too, who took care of him until he got better. Since my childhood I have this compassion and want to help people who need it. This is the whole idea of my charity projects, my Ashram and the work there.


  1. Tanya

    Wheeew! Purnendu! Check out that swagger 🙂 heheReally awesome what you guys are doing.

  2. Maplewood

    This kind of work is very natural. By that I mean it is simply the kind of action that openness brings, that consciousness brings, that closeness to god brings. And it is so beautiful. And it is also very unusual.

  3. Sashah Wilt

    You really need blankets there right now- it’s freezing. I’m glad you guys do this. Do you need any help?

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