Sponsored and Non-Sponsored Children at our free School – 5 Apr 09


Yesterday I talked a bit about the principles and the idea of our school. All children who are here are fully supported by the Ashram. You might then be wondering why we write about ‘sponsored children’ and ‘non-sponsored children’ on our website if they are all anyway at our school, if they have an individual sponsor or not. Some children have an individual sponsor because our friends who want to support our projects and the future of these children decided to help with a sponsorship. These friends are taking a part of this financial burden off the Ashram. And the education of all ‘non-sponsored children’ is funded by all our activities. Each child who is here is supported.

We have put the children’s pictures and their profiles on the website to connect people personally with these children. In this way people can feel closeness to our projects and see the activities and growth of our projects. Most of the times I hear from friends and sponsors that all children are same, doesn’t matter if it is boy or girl, dark or fair, young or a bit older, if the father is Riksha driver or labourer or if the child is smiling on the picture or not. They say that there is not really any sense in picking a child by a picture. And it is true, it doesn’t matter. All children are children and the same God is there, in them.

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