25 Kilogram Flour each Day – 22 Jul 09


Today is Purnendu’s birthday. We already congratulated in the night when it was the 22nd in India and still the 21st here. They had a great pooja ceremony at the Ashram and Purnendu distributed clothes to the children. A friend from Austria had brought five suitcases full of children’s clothes for the children of our school and Kindergarten. This is always a wonderful gift and all the children were very happy. Sometimes people here cannot imagine how happy a family can be if sometimes a child gets one pullover or shirt for free.

Purnendu told me a figure today which I thought I would like to share in my diary. They bought a big chapati pan in the Ashram on which you can make 10 chapatis at once. But that was not what surprised me. He told that each day they need 25 kilogram flour to make chapatis for all children and the Ashram. And it is so wonderful that these children get support from people from all over the world who sponsor not only these 25 kilogram flour but all the other ingredients of the children’s warm lunch.

Today’s diary is the last one from Wiesbaden for the next two months. Tomorrow we will start our journey to New York and we are looking forward to meet many nice people.

Today’s food was sponsored by Louie Clearheart from the UK.
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