A Child Sponsor taking Pictures with the Children – 10 Apr 09


Today was Suann’s last day at the Ashram and tomorrow Angie will also leave so today they did all the things that they wanted to do before they leave. They also visited the school again and Angie, who sponsors one of the children of our school, also wanted to take pictures on which her sponsored child can be seen. She was following what I wrote in the diary in the last days and said: ‘Symbolically I am sponsoring this one girl but I know that every child is supported.’ And so Ramona went to school with her and Angie went into each class, said hello to the children and then Ramona took a picture of her and the whole class.

In each picture you can see how 10, 20 or more children stand or sit around her or, in case of our smallest ones, even on her lap. Now she has many nice pictures of all children and she also knows which one of them is the one whom she supports. We also took pictures of each class and are planning to hang them into the classrooms. We had this idea because the children love it if someone takes a picture of them but they hardly ever get to see the pictures that our visitors take. And with these class pictures they will have a lot of joy.

Today's food was sponsored by a nice lady from Canada. We send lots of love for her birthday!
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