Fundraising Lottery in a Furniture House – 4 Jul 09


Today Ramona dressed up nicely in the morning and left early with Thomas and Iris to the ‘Indien Haus’, the house of India in Mainz. Today they had a big anniversary celebration there and had Indian food, dance performances and also a raffle with which you could win furniture which they normally sell. And the profit of these raffle tickets goes to the Swami Balendu e.V., our organization here in Germany which supports the charity projects in India. It is a really nice idea and I would wish many people get inspired by this.

We also went there in the evening and enjoyed this atmosphere. It is a big hall and they sell furniture, textiles and decoration from all over Asia but mostly from India. And there you can see how nice it is when cultures meet. So many people enjoy having a bit from another country in their homes. Of course they like to win this, too, so it was a wonderful idea to have this raffle. And people are happy if they can give something for a good cause. It was a long day again and we are all a bit tired but very happy. We met many nice people and some friends, too.

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