Sponsor Food for a Day for the Children of the School – 19 Feb 09


It is a great feeling to be here at the Ashram and I enjoy seeing that the number of children in the school and the Kindergarten increased again. There are now 120 children. I am travelling nearly the whole year long to support and feed these children. The worldwide economic crisis has affected our donations, too. I am working many hours each day and without having weekends. I would like to take this daily burden of feeding the children off my shoulders and would like to ask for your help.

It is one year ago that we started our project ‘Food for a day’ and with the number of children increasing we now need 95 Euro to give lunch to all of them. I am very thankful to everyone who sponsored food in the last year. There are ten people who picked one certain day for which they will yearly sponsor the food for the children and I would like to invite all of you to become sponsor. We need another 355 people who would like to sponsor the food for one day each year. It is not a big burden to give 95 Euro per year. You only need to save 26 Cents per day but for the children and for our school it is a wonderful support.

I travel all over the world in order to support these children and their future. It is my joy to help here and also to help people out of India. I give healing sessions and I also give personal Mantras for a donation of 100 Euro which help with their ancient power. Now I am inviting you to sponsor the food for a day at the Ashram and as an exchange of energy I will give a personal Mantra to everyone who decides to support our projects in this way. You can send me your details and I will go in meditation to connect with your energy and to choose a Mantra individually for you. In this way we will exchange help, support and loving energy.

Click here to sponsor food. After sponsoring food you will find a link to a page where you can request a personal Mantra.

On 16th February I wrote in the diary about a story of young parents which I read about in newspaper. I invited everyone to think about it and start a discussion and I received the thoughts of my friend from Canada, Angie. You can click here to read them and also write what you think about it.

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  1. Greg

    Oh no Swami Ji! I didn’t realize how much you gave. I’ve got to spread the word to help support this children.

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