Flood in Vrindavan on Krishnas Birthday – 1 Sep 10


Today is Janmashtami, Krishna’s birthday, a day that is celebrated especially in this region where Krishna was born. Many people make a pilgrimage to Vrindavan on this day which is why the inner city is very crowded. The Parikrama Marg however, the pilgrimage walk around the city is unusually empty today on this festive occasion. It seems like many people did not want to walk the way because of the water that has also crossed the pilgrimage walk at some points.

In the Hindu scriptures it is also mentioned that on the day when Krishna was born, the Yamuna had burst its banks. So it is the time of flood and everybody is hoping that the water will retreat now after this day so that people can return to their homes, start rebuilding, cleaning up and eventually get their lives back to normal again.

Unfortunately it does not look like it will be better very soon. Monsoon rains can come anytime and after a short shower yesterday, the rain was pouring down today for more than an hour. We can only imagine how the colonies must look like now. The roofs, which have been their living rooms and bed rooms for the last week, must be wet now, too.

I want to thank all of those who have donated today, too, and ask everybody to also tell friends and family about the situation here. Many of you have already been here and all of you can see the videos and the immediate help that we can provide with your donations. Spread the word and we will be able to help more!

Pictures of the flood



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5 Replies to “Flood in Vrindavan on Krishnas Birthday – 1 Sep 10”

  1. Pranam,May Lord Krishna bless you and your family and all love once with Love, Peace and Happiness on Janmashtami :))

    Hope you are doing good, there is so much to do now … I do pray you have alot helping hands.

    Sending you Love and good Wishes …
    my Prayers and my Heart are with you all.


  2. Did people associate the flood with Krishna’s birthday? That would be quite the sign from the gods. Or does it flood often in Vrindavan because of the monsoon season?