Funraising Efforts in New York for Children Charity in India – 10 Feb 09


Today I would like to give you a report from New York City. One of our friends, Suann, was in India in the last October and November. She visited the Ashram and the children touched her heart. As I told before, she helped to raise funds for furniture in the school and she sent some pictures of the last weekend. She got together with friends in a bar to get more donations for the school children of the Ashram. 45 people were gathered and together they raised about 1000 Dollar. The owner of the bar also liked the idea and donated 10% of the sales of that evening. She said they did not only raise money but also awareness about the children in India and everyone also had lots of fun. So not only fundraising but also funraising!. I am very happy about this and want to thank Suann for that effort.

We need this kind of contribution and help to continue our work. I appreciate this kind of support very much as I am also always working for these children projects. It could be an inspiration for other people, too, that they can have more ideas in this way to support the children. I always invite everyone to become sponsor for them or to sponsor food for one day at the Ashram. It would be very nice to get help in this way.

Yesterday we arrived in Lüneburg and it is always nice to come back here. I enjoy working with my friend Michael and now I am especially here to offer this Law of Healing course at the weekend. On Saturday, the 14th February, on Valentine’s Day, we offer a chakra dance party, too. I have told already that we have created music for the chakras and you can listen and download this music from our shopping cart now. We had a very nice distance healing meditation last night. I also got reactions from people that they could feel the energy very nicely in the meditation.

Click here to listen to and to download the chakra dance party music.

Click here to sponsor a child or food for a day

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  1. I had the opportunity to meet Sue on a visit to the ashram, she is a wonderful person! Very full of life and energy and care. She showed me some of the furniture that these proceeds went to, was great to see fruits of labor.thanks to Sue and others like her that support these kids!

  2. Haha, I love that idea- not only fundraising but funraising!
    Unfortunately, I don’t think enough of the Western world gets to hear news about floods and other catastrophes from countries in need. We hear about some of the huge hurricanes and earthquakes, but the smaller events are left unnoticed. I hope there can be more global help networks in the future.