Donating Food for Poor Children on your Wedding Anniversary – 16 Jun 09


Today is a special day for our friends Angie and Dan in Canada. They celebrate their 8th wedding anniversary and on this occasion they sponsored the food in the Ashram. I send them many blessings for their love! I wish it grows and gets stronger and stronger. Enjoy being in love!

Purnendu sent me the pictures and when I saw the pictures how the children are eating, I felt that this is really a great way to celebrate your love. You can give your love to others, especially when it is in the form of food. I wrote already that the children have summer holidays now but they also like to come to the Ashram only for food, not for lessons.

We were thinking of the food at the Ashram today while we were preparing food here. We made really nice food and had a great dinner. 

Click here to see pictures of today's food for a day

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  1. Joseph

    What a special way to spend your wedding anniversary. I really like this idea, gonna share it with my wife.

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