Corruption Leads to Misuse of Charity Supplies in Flooded Pakistan – 14 Sep 10


As I told you yesterday, we were warned that the water was getting more again and when we were at the spot today it was more than even last week. The parikrama, the pilgrimage way around Vrindavan, is now not passable anymore because parts of it are flooded deeply. Many people who have a daily routine of doing their pilgrimage will have to find another way now. But the water is still increasing and with it again the worries of those who live in the area. Sanju, who is now living at the Ashram, got to know from his mother that their house fell apart. It was one of the first to be standing in the water and of course is now flooded until the roof.

Everybody knows also about the bad situation in Pakistan. 20% of the country is flooded and millions of people are affected, many of them even fighting for survival. From all over the world people are trying to help and gave donations for support. It is great that there is some international support!

I read in the newspaper however that many of the government officials, who were in charge of helping the flood victims, did not always do that. Unfortunately the government body is very corrupt there. The country received wheat flour, vegetable oil and other supplies from all over the world to help those who are about to starve. These officials were found selling these supplies to shopkeepers! Those shopkeepers were of course very happy, they got cheap merchandise and can sell it in high prices because it is now rare. So the real victims, those who have lost everything, do not get all the help that actually reached the country. If they do this with the supplies, I cannot even imagine what will happen with the money! Usually these supplies are sent instead of money to make sure that money does not go into the wrong pockets however there even this is not a secure way to reach the victims!

It is sad to hear about this and to know that some people just take advantage of the helping hand that is reached to others. They misuse the charitable attitude of others! There are people who give with generous hearts and they want to help but it doesn’t reach there. Those who take advantage of the supplies are not really affected themselves. They are rich and live in good areas where no water reaches. Those who need it are those who are poor and who lost whatever they had.

When I see this, I am just happy that we are able to do what we can here. Yes, we are just a small group of people but for that reason we can just promise that we give all our help, as much as we can. For tomorrow we have again prepared medical support. I will write more about this project tomorrow.

You can see in the pictures in our gallery how bad the situation of the houses is.

Today my friend Michael and his family supported us by sponsoring the food on Michael’s birthday. We all wish him a great new year of his young life and send him our love!

You can see pictures of the lunch at the Ashram.


3 Replies to “Corruption Leads to Misuse of Charity Supplies in Flooded Pakistan – 14 Sep 10”

  1. That is indeed very sad to hear.Rich people getting richer by the hurt of the ones who need help so deeply.
    This is also a reason why many in principal willing people are afraid to donate.
    Those criminals should be judged by the international court because of failure to render assistance in an emergency. But nothing will happen to them.

  2. This threatening reality multiplies hundredfold my deep respect to people like Swami Balendu.You are the last hope to the world. God blesses you my dear friends.