Sponsor Food for Children in India instead of getting Birthday Presents – 24 Sep 09


Today we received an email from our friend Peter from Germany. He will soon celebrate his 50th birthday and invited guests to celebrate this jubilee. But he asked them to do something different than what they do in all other birthday parties: he asked them to donate to our charity projects instead of bringing presents. He said to me ‘what do I do with more of these things that you just put somewhere?’ And it is true, it is such a nice idea! So in the next weeks there will be donations from his guests and on his birthday this will sponsor the food of the children.

Today’s food at the Ashram was sponsored by our friend Asheem. We also saw him today. It was our last evening in New York, tomorrow we will fly back to Germany. So we had dinner altogether and then went to have ice cream at the best ice cream place in Manhattan, the ‘Screme’ in Madame Tussauds at Times Square. So we had the last dinner in New York for this time, the last ice cream for this time and a great time. Tomorrow I will write the diary a little bit earlier so that you can read it while we are already on the way to the airport. 


  1. Suann Polverari

    ohhh how i miss you guys. good ice cream. i will sample all the flavors just for you – swami!

  2. Nancy McFarlane

    What a great idea!!!!

  3. Rachel

    This is such a great idea. I am at the ashram now and I see that someone has donated the food at the school today.What a great way to share the happiness that you feel on your birthday with others.Makes me think, do we really need all of the gifts that we receive?

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