Sponsor Food in India as a Christmas Present – 18 Dec 09


A few days ago our friends Christina and Roland arrived here at the Ashram. They flew to India from Switzerland and are now enjoying the warmth in India. In one of their workshops in Spain they asked the participants and their friends to donate for our charity projects and they brought the money with them so that it could sponsor today’s food for the children of the school and the kindergarten.

As both of them are teachers they are very interested in our school. They were touched to see these children and also invited their friends to contribute a donation in the Christmas time. If you believe your friends would be happy to know that children have a better future because of your Christmas present, the sponsoring of the food for a day or of a child could be a gift option. With your support our projects are growing but still 50% of our children do not have a sponsor yet and they all daily eat at the Ashram. This is how we are happy about every donation and every sponsor.

So if you think like our friends Roland and Christina, maybe your friends would also enjoy seeing how the children love the food, how they enjoy reading and writing in the school and how this gives a sparkle of hope for a better future in every heart.

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4 Replies to “Sponsor Food in India as a Christmas Present – 18 Dec 09”

  1. I think this is very much affordable for lots of people in the world. It is heart warming to see how happy the children look when they come to the Ashram for their meals. Sponsoring their food is a wonderful act of kindness that is much needed and appreciated.