Big Charity Organizations and their Administration Costs – 9 Apr 09


I was writing about our school and our charity work and I am happy that we can do this, even if we do not work on a very big scale. There are many big organizations which do charity work and provide education to poor children. They do a lot of advertisement and thus have more response or support. They send letters which the children write and which were translated and they have magazines in which they report about it when someone visited their sponsored child.

I have seen that their sponsorship rates are usually double or more than double compared to the 140 Euro with which you can sponsor one of our children. I believe that it is true that these organizations need this money because they probably spend at least half of this money on administration costs or advertisement. They have many costs in organizing and so many people work and have to be paid. But we are doing this work on a small scale with very limited resources and we do not have many people who need to be paid from donations and sponsorship money to keep each sponsor up to date with many details, letters and post.

I know that all these organizations are doing wonderful work but only to manage this we would need at least two persons working and a lot of energy and time. We can maybe support many other children with the same money that we could spend in that way. Here I see how Ramona is working for these projects and how much time and energy she is investing in this maintaining it in the way that it is now. She often sends personal information of a child whom she got to know, as much as her time allows it to her. But of course we yearly send a report card and pictures of the children. And you will always find recent pictures on our website so that you can see how the children grow and develop.

Ramona is just saying to me that for a long time she has the wish to write an article about the children but she doesn’t find time. For us it will be wonderful if our sponsors and supporters do not expect too much. We are very very thankful for their support from our heart and we are doing our best. We will always be happy when a sponsor comes to visit and we will proudly show them the school and our projects.

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  1. My parents, who are really kind-hearted people, have a hard time donating to things because they’ve worked “the charity circuit” and seen both religious and non-religious charities and the way the waste money. I’ve been trying to get them to look at this one! but the have been jaded. I really respect the work you do and am hoping to spread the word but, it is understandable I guess that people won’t just automatically know that you guys are different from the other charities who claim to work solely for the children.

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