Equal Treatment in Education for poor Boys and Girls – 4 Apr 11


In the last week I was writing about dowry and the problems that it creates. I even told that we were asked to collect money for poor girls’ dowry. I would also like to address another point which was mentioned in that mail: we should have a school only for girls so that more girls have better chances in life.

It is not fully new to me that donors and sponsors have the wish to support girls. You know that we give those who want to support our project the possibility to sponsor a child of our school. Often people who take a child sponsorship choose a girl to sponsor. Other people send us an email and ask us to choose a child for them, but it should be a girl.

Of course people have in mind, that in India, girls still need a lot of help. In the last week I have mentioned many reasons why boys are preferred by parents and of course the literacy rate of men is also still higher than that of women. More boys go to school than girls and much more men have jobs and higher jobs than women.

In spite of all these reasons to support girls however, I need to ask another question: why should we not support poor boys, too? What will happen to the boys of those poor families? Should they not get support? Should they not learn how to read and write while their sisters go to school?

We are making a point about equality in our school. We don’t want children with more money to be preferred and children with less money to have a disadvantage. So why would we make such a difference of gender? Our children are all supported in the same way and the boys need the same support! Only supporting girls would be discrimination against boys! Boys need support, too, and that is how we don’t make a difference of gender here. Boys and girls equally need and get support. They are treated equally and in my opinion this is how it should be.

Of course we sometimes need to do more effort to convince parents to send their girls, too, however we would not charge more money for that sponsorship, either. They are equal. Sponsors and helpers donate out of love and love is there for all of God’s children.


  1. Serena Jackson

    Actually gender equality does mean exactly that: boys and girls equal.What I feel often in today’s spiritual world is that women are trying to create another matriarchy with all power to women, women ruling over men. It is all about female energy and power, the tigress, the lioness… superiority over the male counterpart. This is not what you should be aiming at! You need the men in your lives, don’t you think? And in the same way you cannot only support girls all over the world and let the boys die in the gutter or of hunger.
    Live equality, also in your thinking.

  2. Ramona

    Dear Serena,I know what you mean and i have experienced that, too. Whenever the power balance turns to one or the other side, it is wrong. There has to be equality, not matriarchy nor patriarchy.
    We all need each other and each others’ energy.
    Thank you for commenting!

  3. Carmen

    So if I sponsor a child in your school, you would like me to sponsor a boy rather than a girl, is that right?

  4. Jenni

    I talked to a doctor who has been studying the womens underprivileged situation around Vrindavan together with his wife. He found out that most of the women were suffering of anemia because they were firstable having at age of seventeen already three children and they kept cooking the better food only for the men. Themselves eating the left-over rice. When I replied something about the patriachal enaquality, he said that as equally the men have to be educated, too.
    As Serena and Ramona pointed out, too many female activists forget the constructive methods to prevent gender enaquality. They are only fighting for women’s rights. Fighting has never brought any peace or harmony, though. And this is why I liked this doctor couples method very much. They talked as well as the women as the men. Because the men have their own problems, they are not used to make a second thought about their wifes state. They just act as they have seen their parents behaving. And they don’t know why their wifes are sick and feeling weak all the time. They don’t realize, that their wifes are still children at the age of seventeen and that they are suffering from too many pregnancies.

    So as well as the wifes need to be told, that she has to think of herself, too, the men need to be told to take second thoughts about others than themselves, too!

  5. Ramona

    Dear Carmen,This is also not really what we meant, no. You can sponsor either boy or girl. We just wanted to point out that most people ‘prefer’ girls. We are supporting them all anyway, so you can also sponsor a girl 🙂
    Thank you for your support!

  6. Ramona

    Dear Jenni,I appreciate your comment very much and like those doctor’s words. If their mother didn’t teach their sons that their wives should be taken care of, given attention etc, how should they know it? Someone needs to tell them.
    And women just seem to love going into that role and suffer. It is getting better though, more awareness is coming. We are on the way 🙂

  7. Jenni

    Ramona, there are too many women, who call them victims and who start to fight for their rights causing even more disharmony.
    Why waste energy in fighting, if you could use it to make a constructive change. So instead of using the verbal or physical fists, use your mind and heart.

  8. Emily

    I think people are just trying to counteract what they have heard before about India- that boys get better treatment than girls. But this post helps notify people that girls are being supported at the ashram!

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