Feeding the Hungry – a Perfect Birthday Present – 25 Mar 10


Today someone sponsored the food for a day. But it was a special way of sponsoring from a dear friend. Dagmar, who had spent some weeks at the Ashram in the last two years, gave this sponsorship as a present to Ramona. It was beautiful and really the perfect present. Dagmar wouldn’t have been able to come to India to give any kind of present in person and it is quite expensive to send something from Germany to India by mail or courier. So she did what she knew Ramona would love: she donated for feeding the kids. It is a great gift which makes so many people happy. All the children, who had Puri, special bread, for celebrating the day, Ramona who saw them all eating and who dedicates her whole work to feeding and helping them and of course Dagmar who will see the pictures and be happy with everybody. It is what we all work for: helping these children, feeding those who need it most, supporting their poor families and, if you see it in a big context, fighting world hunger and illiteracy. And Dagmar and many others offer a hand of support in this mission.

Another dear person today unfortunately had to leave the Ashram. Angie had to fly back to Canada today but of course she didn’t leave before distributing sweets to all children. Again, it is just beautiful to see all the children so happy and it makes the heart light and jolly. Children are something special and we all need to help them, support them and show them this world!

Donate food for the children

See pictures of today’s lunch

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  1. Stacey

    What a wonderful gift! It is so heartwarming to hear of things like this, I know that good begets more good and I wish you all much good!

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