Working for a better Future for Others and for a Change – 28 Oct 09


I said many times, and you can also realize it if you read my diary, that I am not convinced or even against some things which are happening in this society and culture. I also see some things in Germany or in the Western countries that I travel in which I don’t like and there I work against those just as I work against the problems here, too.

You might protest now, saying that I myself wrote in the diary that I just would like to do holidays when I am in India. But the work that we all, my whole family and the Ashram does, is not limited to the time when I am here. It is a constant and permanent work by living an example, by telling and showing people how it could be and should be and by leading this school. This is really something of which we hope that it will change attitudes and lives.

Sometimes however we are sad to hear that some parents are stuck in their old ideas. A few days ago Ramona got to know that one of the girls which has been at our school from the very beginning and who was now in the third grade did not come to school anymore. She asked why and the teachers told her that the parents thought she was old enough with her 13 years and didn’t need to learn more. The most probable thing is that they will start looking for a husband soon, teach her how to take care of a house and of children and then marry her to someone who seems to be a good match.

Unfortunately we cannot do anything against it if the parents are determined to do this. We are happy that she has a very basic education but we are sad to know that she will not go on.

2 Replies to “Working for a better Future for Others and for a Change – 28 Oct 09”

  1. I am so pleased to see that the grass roots schemes across many parts of India are focusing on the further education of women in a bid to eradicate child marriage and allow women some sort of control over their future. I understand that child marriage is still the plan for many girls but I hope in an ever changing world this will soon be a thing of the past.