Celebrating Birthday by Feeding Flood Victims – 16 Sep 10


Today we again had a long and full day. In the morning already Ammaji, my mother, activated her whole kitchen team and they started preparing vegetables and puri, Indian bread. It is the 44th birthday of our dear friend Hans-Christian from Germany and his family, his friends and even he himself donated for a big celebration here in India.

We first fed all the school children of course which is already quite a big crowd. Nowadays they make food in two rounds because there are so many of them. When they were done, the kitchen prepared food which we wanted to distribute in the flood areas. The boys and the whole Ashram family helped together on filling and packing the boxes.

It was a huge amount of packages and with them and all the boys who wanted to see their homes and distribute food there, the car was fully packed. It was anyway difficult to reach until there but our team made it safely. People were very happy to see them but it was very difficult to get to their homes. They had to walk through hip-deep water. Some people are stuck in their houses. Whenever they want to go out, they get wet and they walk very careful on the road because they cannot see where the ground is. You can imagine that they are happy whenever someone brings something to eat.

When our team arrived there however, they got to know that some days ago someone had distributed food which was already old. Many people who ate from it got sick! When we heard this we really wondered who would do this. Then better do not distribute anything, if you only have old and bad food! We try to help people with medicine and doctors’ treatment and others make them sick again! Anyway, our team was greeted happily as people knew they had always distributed good food.

They distributed all they had brought. The water was dirty and when they came home they were stinking badly. Everybody had to take a shower first of all before we could sit down for food ourselves.

Again I can only say how happy I am that we can help these people and also happy that we could make so many people happy on Hans-Christian’s birthday. We all wish him a wonderful next year of his life with much joy and lots of love!

You can click here to see new pictures which were taken in the flooded area today. I want to thank all the donors and also all helpers, those whom you see on the pictures and also everybody who is not on the pictures, such as Pankaj, our driver, the kitchen team with Sonu and Meena, the boys and so many more.


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