Prem Meditation and Child Sponsorships – 24 May 10


Yesterday we had a Prem Meditation in Houston. Lola and her husband Kevin took us to Roz’s and Steve’s house. Roz runs a charity organization called ‘Yoga for Peace’ and was happy that she could invite us so that other yoga teachers and people interested in yoga could get to know us.

Yashendu gave a beautiful meditation which everybody enjoyed very much and after that I explained the participants about our school and the children whom we support. At the moment they have summer holidays but on 1st July school will start again. So I told people that our children come from poor families, and that they can only send their children to our school because it is for free and because we also offer food.
I explained about our child sponsorship program and the food sponsorships and in the end I simply invited everybody to come and look at our work themselves. Because only then you can really see and feel what we are doing there.

We were happy that many people told us they were now thinking to come to India one day to visit us and there was also a spontaneous sponsor for a child: Roz and Steve, who had invited us for that beautiful day, sponsored a child. We want to thank them, everybody who was there yesterday and everybody else who supports our projects. Together we have the aim of helping those who are in need, if that is through our charity projects or through spreading the wisdom and Love of Yoga as Roz does with her non-profit organization, too. In the end again, it is all about love.


  1. Cherry

    That sounds great! I really love reading about what you’re doing, I’d also love to come to India someday and see it for myself. God bless.

  2. Emily

    What is a Prem meditation?
    I think it is beautiful that meditation is something we can share with people all over the world. You don’t have to speak the same language, look the same, or even be in the same place! We can meditate together, worldwide, and share the spiritual realm as the guiding force that connects us all.

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