Charity Bazaar for our School and Poor Children in India – 13 Nov 09


When Thomas and Iris were in India they had a task: they had to buy clothes and jewellery for a bazaar of a church community in Wiesbaden of which the profit should go to our children charity projects. They brought many things and today the bazaar started. They told a lot about our projects, about the children here, about the literacy rate generally in India and about the things that they had brought from Vrindavan. Thomas also played Sitar and in the next days the bazaar will go on, people will buy and read and listen.

It is really great that this is going on, lots of thanks to Thomas and Iris who put lots of effort in this help. And maybe this can be an inspiration for other people, an idea about how you can help our projects. It is not only help by donating, you can help by giving others the idea to organize, to sell something or to come here and see themselves what is going on here.

And Ramona, who is going to school every day to improve her Hindi, tells me each day how happy it makes her to see how much the children learn and how they start speaking English with her.

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  1. It is really beautiful how loving people from around the world will unite to help these children. It is a blessing to witness and I hope it really affects the childrens lives. Thank you for all you do!