Updates on Flood Relief in Vrindavan – 6 Sep 10


I already announced that we would make a list of those who donated for our flood help. We have been quite busy in the last days but now finally found some time to make it. Here you can see the list of who contributed what and a summary of what we could do with the support that you gave. Again, if you have donated and do not see your name on the list, please let us know and excuse our mistake. We have been very busy and may have missed something but we will immediately correct it once you let us know.

In this kind of times everybody should support in their capacity and I am very happy to know that we received donation and support even from people whom I do not know personally. These are people whom I have never met but we are connected through the internet and the diary. I would love to meet you some day in person. Maybe you would like to invite us someday, I will be happy to come and of course I want to invite you to the Ashram so that we can get to know each other.

You who read my diary already know what was going on in the last days in the flooded area and what we did there, distributing food and clothes and providing medical help. Further we have the wish to help with repairing the houses which are breaking because of moisture. People do not have the money for reparation work themselves but the situation of many houses is simply dangerous.

I have noticed many of you think that there will be much money needed to help, what difference would my small contribution make? On the list that we published you can see that with all many small drops, a big pot can be filled. Small contributions also make a difference! I want to ask you please not to be shy. Even if you can only contribute 10 or 20 Euro, please do it, it helps us help others! You can see that we did not receive millions but the amount we received went a long way in helping many people. We are a small organization but we know where the problems are and how we can help, because we are just here in person, ready to start helping as soon as we get your support. If everybody who reads this diary just gives a contribution of a few Euro, it will be an immense help!

See updated pictures of the flooded area and videos of our work there.




  1. Chadwick Ians

    Thanks for always keeping us updated Swami Ji. These updates are very important to my family

  2. James

    I am always surprised by the amount of people who think they can’t help.

  3. Hope

    I’m glad to see these children smiling.

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