Charity School for Poor Children – Free Education and Food – 15 Aug 08


Today is the 15th August, the Independence day of India. Purnendu told me on phone that they had a big celebration with cultural program with the children. He sent photos, too. You know that we have a Kindergarten next to the Ashram and this also is a primary school now. There are two new rooms next to the Kindergarten in which the school classes take place. It is more than 100 children in Kindergarten and school.

Purnendu told me that they got the license, the certificate from the government, yesterday evening. The school actually started last month, in the middle of July, after the long summer holidays. They started with classes even though they didn’t have the license yet. I was asking him each day on the phone if he got it and he replied: “Oh, we applied, it is at the government office now and you know it just takes time with all this bureaucracy.” But what will happen if someone asks about a license? He said “Oh that is okay, they said I should start at the same time as the other schools.” So he searched and found teachers. I like and appreciate his confidence and trust. He built a school, started the admissions and at the end, after one month, he got the proper license, the certificate. Here it would not be possible, nobody would dare to do this.

I am very happy about this school. In the beginning we were sponsoring different children in other schools, then we started our Kindergarten and now we also have our own school. We are still supporting children in other schools but there 50% of the children in the classes are sponsored by us and for the rest of the children, the parents pay themselves. I feel that this could give another feeling to the children. This is why I had the idea to have an own school where everybody is on the same level and no parents need to pay the uniform, books, pens or food. So no child will feel inferior or poorer than another one.

In this way we also can keep eyes on the quality of the education and the classes and make sure they really learn good things for their future. When we went to visit the other school, there were always some things which I did not like but I could not change anything, because we did not have anything to do with the management. We were just supporting the children. Now, however we can provide a good quality of education and can manage it all ourselves.

As you all know, I have devoted my life and my work to these children and for their future to provide them a good future and make their foundation strong. When they grow up they will know to read and write, will be able to stand on their own feet and can be proud of themselves. You know, most of these children come from very poor families whose parents do not have enough money to provide some basic things in life. Their income is so low that they are trying each day to survive. They are working in construction, are riksha drivers or cleaners. They live day by day, work and eat from the money they earn on the same day. So when the parents are at work, the children can come to us and when the parents are on their way home they can pick up their sons or daughters.

I am happy that I am able to help those who really need this. I am also thankful to all the people who support us in doing all this charity work. I wish that this support will continue. There are still many children without sponsors, you can see their cute faces on the new website. I would like to invite you to become sponsor and whenever you come to India, you can meet the children you support and see the Ashram, our Kindergarten and the school. I know, we do not have a lot of space yet but we hope to be able to buy the neighbouring house to start our school in there. Anyway, I want to invite you to help us. You can sponsor a child or also sponsor food for all children for one or several days. We need your support to continue our charity work.

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  1. Tanya

    Yay for independence day! Yay for celebrations!

  2. Nick Cave

    Wow you could never start anything without a licence here. Can’t even sell old items out of your own front yard.

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