Sponsors Celebrating their Birthdays at the Ashram in India – 6 Aug 10


Today is our friend Thomas’s birthday and we and all children send him much love and the best wishes also for the next year of his life!

It was nice to see, when we informed our children that today is Thomas’ birthday, many of them just said ‘Oh Thomas Uncle!’ and remembered him. They started smiling and talking about the things that he had showed them. Each time when he is here and we have a program, he does some mimicry and they try to imitate him.

It is so beautiful to see this personal connection. This is what children need and they also look for that love. They look for someone who likes to joke with them, to spend time with them and who loves them. They will remember the time that they spent with this person.

This is how all children had a lot of fun singing the birthday song for Thomas who also sponsored their food today. He and Iris are sponsors of two children, come each year to visit us and all children and celebrate their birthdays at the Ashram by a sponsorship even if they cannot be here in that time. It is beautiful to have this connection in between us, the children and them and we all are looking forward to having them here again in October.

You can also sponsor a child or sponsor food for children here in the Ashram in India.

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  1. Swami Ji, I have been following your diary for about 6 months now and decided to look through some entries I missed. I wanted to let you know that what you share means a lot to me.

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