Free Health Checkup for Flood Victims on Radhashtami – 15 Sep 10


Yesterday I have already told you about the situation of the flood in Vrindavan where the water is still steadily rising. Unfortunately there have been some heavy rainfalls on top of everything so that it is difficult for people to live on their roofs. They have to find shelter elsewhere. Everything is full of water, mosquitos are continuously increasing and fevers are spreading.

This is why today we celebrated Radhashtami, the birthday of Radha and also my grandfather, in a different way than usually. We have distributed medicine bags to the children of the school and their families. We had invited a doctor who explained to the families how important cleanliness and hygiene is for health and how to use the things they found in the bag. There were vitamin tablets, eye drops, band-aid, minerals, medicine against fever and balm for cuts, burns, boils and ulcer.

Everybody who had a problem could also have himself examined by the doctor. While the doctor was examining the children he noticed that some of them showed the first signs of what could be tuberculosis. He could not say for sure however and that is how he decided to come back to the Ashram in the next days and make a complete check-up with ultrasound, too. We were happy to hear this and for these children it is a unique possibility to get a proper diagnosis and treatment.

We then distributed the bags which made the parents happy as they now had at least the basics to help themselves if anything happened. Additionally they have vitamins and minerals to even prevent illnesses. The doctor had explained them very clearly that the best way to prevent their most common problems, like diarrhea and boils, could be prevented by following some basic rules of cleanliness. This includes boiling water before drinking it, not eating anything that was left standing around open, not playing in the Yamuna water and washing your hands and body regularly and thoroughly.

The children learned something and then were very happy to get something, too. Our friend Chirag and his family, who had been here in the last days, visiting us from Vadodara, had brought presents for the kids: 150 lunchboxes, pencil cases and water bottles. The children all received these gifts with shining eyes and we all thank Chirag and his family for this great gift!

It was a great way to celebrate Radhashtami and we have the big hope that this helps these families in their fight against the illnesses that come with the water and in their daily living.

We already have plans to distribute food boxes in the flooded area again tomorrow and we would love to help further and we will do with the limited resources that we have. I have asked you already before and many of you have generously supported this help project. I do not want to ask you repeatedly for donations but it would be great if you could encourage people around you, your family and friends, to give their support. They can donate here. Again, if we all help together, we can make the lives of these families a little bit better in this troubled times.

I thank you in advance for your support by forwarding this information to others and encouraging them to help!

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