Second Pair of Uniforms for the Children – 15 Oct 08


Today in the morning Andrea had to leave the Ashram to fly back to Germany. It was very hard for her to leave and it was also sad for us to see her go because we had such a nice time together and we just love to have her here. She loves being here and in the Ashram atmosphere.

Thomas and Iris are still here and have some more days to enjoy their time here. Thomas saw yesterday that children came to the school but that they were not wearing their school uniforms. He asked a few of them and they told him that the uniform was being washed and they only have one set. He thought about this and finally talked with Purnendu and told him that he would like to sponsor new uniforms for them. I know he doesn’t have much money but he has a big heart. All the students will be very happy. When they need to wash their uniforms they will now have a second shirt and trouser or skirt to wear.

I talked with some of my friends on phone today whose calls I missed yesterday. It was very nice.

In the Ayurvedic Yoga Course the treatments started today and the participants had their first great experience with Ayurvedic massages. My friend Johannes told me that today he had Shirodhara, a treatment in which oil is tripping on your forehead. He said that he would recommend this to everyone. He said it felt like thousands of small soft hands were massaging him.

There are a lot of nice pictures from yesterday so we chose some of those to show you.

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