Sponsor Food or Sponsor a Child – 6 Aug 08


Today I want to send birthday greetings to my friend Thomas. On the occasion of his birthday he and his family sponsored a big celebration in the Ashram with 216 guests. The guests were the children from our Kindergarten, poor people and Sadhus from Vrindavan.

I have told about this possibility to sponsor food before but Thomas inaugurated something new: our new website for our projects with children. After several weeks of work it is finally there and ready to be used. There is one section for food contribution. On this page you will find a calendar on which you can see which dates are still free to be sponsored. It is very easy: if you click on a green date you can sponsor food yourself and if you click on a red or an orange date, you can see who contributes food on that particular day. There is also the possibility to do this every year as my friend Thomas chose to do. Each year the Ashram family will celebrate his birthday together and invite poor people in his name.

The new website is not only for the food but also for the child sponsorships. It is great, if you click on ‘sponsor a child’ you can see pictures of the children that we support and can get to know more about them like their favourite dish and what they like or don’t like to do. These children do not have a sponsor yet. You will find those who are sponsored by lovely people all around the globe if you click on ‘sponsored children’. And of course, you can also see who their sponsors are and where they are from. I am happy about this new website and I wish you a lot of fun clicking through the pictures. I want to invite you to contribute to the projects and to give a child the opportunity to get education and thus the chance of a bright future.

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  1. John

    I think I would like to sponsor a child, because really, 140 per year would not be that hard to afford. Yes, I think that’s a perfect idea.

  2. Sammy

    I want to sponsor a child!

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