Experience of Sponsoring Food – 8 Aug 08


In today’s diary I would like to show you an email which I got from Thomas after the food that he sponsored for his birthday on the 6th of August.

Dear Swami Ji,

I don’t know if I find the right words to tell you how happy the Bhandara, the distribution of food to so many people, made me.
I had heard and seen how our friend Roger organized food for so many people and he said to me that everybody should have experienced this in his life. But I would never have imagined how much joy it brings to you to see other people full with food and satisfied.
It moved me to tears just to see the pictures of how the children and the holy men were eating sweet Laddus. This opening up of the heart which I suddenly experienced was the most beautiful birthday present since a long time. And I am happy to do this every year.
Actually we, here in the west, live in such abundance, how much more should my family give me for my birthday?
Very often I am not really aware that I have everything here, food, clothes, an apartment, a profession and a wonderful wife. How often do I worry unnecessarily because I am not satisfied with all that is already there for me.
I forgot how great it is, the joy of making someone happy, of giving a present to someone. The energy of the thoughts of so many thankful people really touched me…
Purnendu called me from India and told me that this Bhandara was the first one to be organized with new cookware without having to borrow anything. So the stars are right!!!
Well, it is great to see how many things are possible via the Internet.
Pavan was also very happy that it was possible to organize a food for a day with the collected money from his restaurant. The picture of that day is already hanging in a frame on the wall! I would like to make it easier to all interested people to set up a donation box. You can just send me your name and your address and I will send you a ‘food for a day’ donation box for free. And when it is full the money can be transferred directly.

Greetings with love, from heart to heart,


I am very happy about Thomas’ offer. Whoever would like to get a donation box, maybe for a shop or a praxis, can contact Thomas: thmeisenheimer@t-online.de

Click here to choose the day on which you want to contribute food for a day


  1. Natalia

    How beautiful. Thank you Thomas and swami Ji!

  2. Rebekah

    Ah! That looks like so much fun!

  3. Chelsea

    Great. Nice when people give you positive feedback. I know you don’t need it to continue your work, but it is nice when someone has time to spare a kind word.

  4. Emily

    It is such a beautiful thing to provide someone with food when they are hungry! I am delighted that such charity projects are successful and effective. Unfortunately, many organizations that collect money for poor countries misuse the money because they don’t understand the culture, or are being manipulated by greedy entities controlling the country. Hundreds of wealthy people donate to these charities, thinking that they have helped the world, when really the money disappears. To give food is the most basic way of helping. Continue the good work!

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