Sponsor a Child or Sponsor Food as a Christmas Present – 13 Dec 10


Ramona and I are at the moment in Germany, working and enjoying the time before Christmas with friends. Yashendu is in Taiwan, busy giving Yoga workshops and we all are looking forward to go to India next week, back to the Ashram to celebrate Christmas there. This year we will not only celebrate Christmas but also the 10th anniversary of the day that I came out of the cave after three years and 108 days. We are happy that we can welcome several friends in India to enjoy the day with them.

You, too, are probably preparing for the holidays, decorating the house and buying gifts for friends and family. Also in this year I want to give you a special idea for a Christmas present for yourself or your loved ones. Simply sponsor a child or sponsor food for 150 poor children!

We have been working for more than a year to prepare a new system for our school children and sponsors. Now we are very happy to announce that it is finally ready. On our whole website you can now see how many children are un-sponsored and how many days are still free for sponsoring food:


You see that you can look for yourself, how much support is needed and it is very easy to become part of our school and Ashram family. With this new system you can see the teachers, the Ashram staff and the children who already found sponsors like you. If, after seeing them online, you would like to see our Ashram and projects personally, you are most welcome!

It is only possible for us to run all these projects for children because we have the support of friends and sponsors from around the globe. I am always very thankful to all sponsors and am happy to send a personal Mantra to each new sponsor as a gift for their support which is a big present to us and the children.

And isn’t it a great Christmas present to yourself or others: giving a child the possibility to learn reading, writing and more for a better future or feeding 150 children?


  1. Lise-Lotte Bonne

    I´m so happy to sponsor a child and my wish or dream for 2011 is to visit the school and child … and I will make my dream come true …. Merry Christmas to all of you for the good and nice job you do in the Ashram ….

  2. Sarah

    Wow! looks nice! Will keep spreading the link around, I hope lots of funding comes in soon.

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