Distributing Bread to Flood Victims by Boat – 30 Sep 10


I have told you yesterday already that we went to distribute bread packages to the flood victims again. When our team arrived at the college where we had distributed the last time, the government officials there asked them to please distribute the bread in the flooded area. The government now takes care of those who temporarily live in the schools and colleges. They get the basics, food, water and medical supplies there. There are however still a many people who remained in their houses, not wanting to leave their possessions behind.

So our team turned around with the bread and went closer to the river, carried the bags down to a boat that then took them through the streets where now water is flowing. The boatman knew where there were still people and he maneuvered the boat around trees and by houses. They could see on the trees and walls of houses that the water has gone down for about a meter. The trees are dirty until the point where the water has been, a clear line with the leaves above green and clean and below brown and dirty. It makes you realize again how dirty the water actually is but still some people swim and dive in it.

They reached areas that can now only be reached by boat and when people saw them coming, they ran towards the boat, as far as they could come. The team got off whenever it was possible and if it was not, they threw the packages of bread to the houses into the hands of those who depend on this kind of distributions now. If you have a look on the pictures and if you watch the video, you will get a good impression of how necessary bread was and how difficult it was to get it to them.

However we are now confident that the water will continue to leave the areas. Of course, all the houses which have been standing in water for so long are now dangerous to live in and it will still take a long time until they will be really dry. We will try to keep on helping as much as possible.

Today the doctor will come again and will make checkups and examinations for the children of our school to find out whether any of them suffer from tuberculosis. I will write in detail about this tomorrow.


2 Replies to “Distributing Bread to Flood Victims by Boat – 30 Sep 10”

  1. this is charity in the greatest and probably most beneficial sense. It is so good of you to take your time and effort to help those in need. Let us all hope that the water recedes soon and illness and damage is minimal!