Children starving next to rich Gurus, Politicians and Superstars – 18 Jan 12


I recently read news with some figures that once again shocked me. This article actually tells about nothing new – it shows that there are still many people starving in India and a lot of them are children. I knew that. Everybody does. To see it again, in figures and so clearly displayed however is a sad and horrible surprise again.

According to the news article, 44% of children below the age of five are underweight and 7% of them die before they can even complete the fifth year of their life. The figures given in the article refer to the International Food Policy Research Institute as well as the UN agency Food and Agriculture Organization. It is clearly stated that there is a higher percentage of hungry people in India now than it was in 1990 and the number of people starving is rising.

There are 230 million hungry and malnourished people in India – about a fourth of the 820 million hungry people of the world.

This was one news article and when I kept on reading, I read statistics about how many billions were collected in this year in the biggest temples of India. The next news on my screen was about the big amounts of black money that India’s corrupt politicians have collected in bank accounts of foreign countries. Looking for some lighter topic, I turned to sports and entertainment, only to find an article summarizing the most earning superstars and athletes of the last year.

Many people have become rich and richer and a lot of temples have received more donations in the last years than ever before. Unfortunately many temples use this money on nothing else but to decorate their altars and walls with even more gold. Politicians hide their money until they are out of the limelight and can enjoy it in peace and superstars and sportsmen buy expensive cars, flats and often accumulate simply more and more. Of course again I have those gurus in the mind who also sit on their money and gold, a pile of wealth that gets bigger every day.

For what is this all money used? These people live in a country where others starve every day! If all of this money could go to charity and for feeding those who don’t have anything to eat, I bet that no single child in India will be hungry! It is outrageous to think that this could be possible but that the greed of people keeps them from giving.

We take care of 150 children. This is what we can do and our effort to feed children in India. We don’t want to make it bigger because we really want to help them, not only pretend to be helping. We love to work with these children so that they get a better future and their daily lunch is a part of this effort. Not everybody can found a trust or a primary school and feed and educate that many children. There are however a lot of people who could do much more than we do. It doesn’t matter how much you can help as long as you do. Whether it is a small contribution or a big one, if everybody gives whatever he can and according to his own capacity, we can make this world a better place. We can save lives.

If you would like to support our efforts of feeding and educating children, you can for example sponsor the food for a day or also sponsor a child for free education.


  1. Milena

    Oh, I feel so sad to hear and read about hungry children! As a mother of two, my heart cries with every child and every mother who cannot feed her child. It must the most horrible feeling not to be able to feed your children. That is why I teach my kids not to throw food away, ever. No waste of food in my house! That is my small contribution for this world.

  2. Anne Ward

    It’s the same story around the world…and so sad.

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