Glasses for our Children! – 20 Sep 16


Today I just want to give you a very quick update for something that I am very happy about: the glasses arrived!

I told you that in our eye camp, the eye doctors found several children to be in need of glasses. Now finally their glasses have arrived – just in time for their exams, which have started yesterday. These children can now look at the blackboard and clearly see what they have to write. It will prevent their eyesight from getting worse in future, too!

Additionally, there were some children who need further examinations and treatment. They have had their pre-checkup and we will send them again to meet the head doctor who will make sure that their eyes get the treatment needed!

For the next ten days, the kids will be excitedly coming to school in the morning for the year’s first exams and leave relieved and happy when they have filled their pages with knowledge.

That’s it with news of our school for today. If you would like to support us, you are more than welcome to sponsor a child or the food for a day for the children of our school – we thank you from our hearts for your support!

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