New Workbooks for our smallest School Children – 22 Oct 16


It is Saturday, the weekend has started and for our school children it is another half day of school before they have the Sunday off tomorrow. On Saturdays, they have less hours of classes and the whole school usually meets for some activity time. They recite poems, sing or do some games and other fun things. Today, we used the time for another great activity: the youngest of our kids, the children of our ‘Nursery’ class got new workbooks!

Oh yes, and you can imagine how happy they were! It is always a joy to distribute anything to our kids but especially when it comes to the smallest, it is an incredible fun to see their eyes shining. It doesn’t matter whether it is something special to eat, a pen or a book – they love it!

Another one who loved this program today a lot was my daughter Apra! She doesn’t have school on Saturdays, so she was here to distribute along with us. A duty which she took very serious! In fact, she always tells that on Saturdays she goes to ‘teach at our school’. When we asked for further details she added ‘Only in the classes downstairs – teaching upstairs is too difficult for me!’


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  1. Hi, great job your ashram has been doing . to bring shines to their smiles and bring lots of fun activities to children … this all are something which life truly meant for.

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