Monika’s first Surgery has been completed successfully! – 26 Dec 14


Today I am writing you from Gurgaon, near Delhi, from the Artemis Hospital with great news: Monika has just had her first surgery! The doctors have successfully worked on Monika’s right eye and her neck!

It may be surprising to you that this was now done so quickly! When we started telling you about Monika, as soon as we had all details on how we would proceed with her treatment, we hoped for exactly that: that we could, somehow, still do her first surgery in this year!

And with the help of many generous supporters and friends, lovely people touched by Monika’s story, we are now here! Thanks to everyone who shared and donated!

Last Saturday I was already here at the hospital with Monika the whole day long for all pre-surgical check-ups. Blood and urine tests, x-rays and pre-anesthetic checks as well. Everything went well, just the anesthetist explained that it would be a bit more challenging because Monika could not open her mouth, so that they would have to put a pipe in to ensure her breathing will work. But once again we are happy about our choice of hospital – they are experts and explained us patiently and friendly how it all will work without problems.

And so we arrived here yesterday with an excited Monika, her mother and a very jolly Apra who feels like she is on a holiday trip now, with us staying in a hotel close to the hospital.

Monika got admitted and stopped eating to prepare her body for surgery, which was scheduled for this morning. It started at eight o’clock and took nearly three hours. It took some time to come back to consciousness and of course now she has a big bandage over the eye and around the neck, but she is already smiling again!

Everything went very well. She now needs time for recovery, at first a few days at the hospital and she will also keep her bandage and patch over the eye for at least two weeks. In a few weeks’ time however, she will be able to move her neck and close her eye again! The first step is done!

Again a big thank you to everyone who has helped so far, to the doctors and the staff and to all who will still help in future! How beautiful it is that we are together able to help this girl!

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