A dental Check-up for our School Children – 24 Jul 15


Today I want to interrupt the Friday series of introducing children of our school by telling you about another event we had, this one with and for the school children, last Friday: a dental camp at our Ashram!

In the morning at 10 am, a small van entered the back gate of the Ashram. The back doors opened and one could see a whole lot of equipment that looked a bit strange to be in the back of a van: a dentist’s chair with all the small instruments needed to look into and clean younger and older people’s mouths! Along with the van, there was a team of 20 dentists from the K.D. Dental College in Mathura, who had arrived to take care of our children’s teeth!

You can imagine that our children have never been to a dentist’s praxis! A friend of ours, a dentist from Mumbai, had once looked at the teeth of our school kids and distributed toothbrushes and toothpaste, telling them how to use them. Apart from that however, these children have not been in touch with a dentist in their lives!

Most people know that they should teach children to brush their teeth. In most homes we see toothbrushes for the children. In some, we don’t. And of course, there is a certain doubt whether the parents know how to teach their children to brush their teeth thoroughly.

These 20 dentists did an amazing job, not only looking at the teeth but cleaning each of our nearly 250 children’s teeth! There were a few of them whose teeth need more attention and they were called to the dental college for further treatment. We will take them there next week.

It was a big success and we are happy that we could help these children and make them understand how important health and hygiene in the mouth is!

Here you can see pictures of the dental checkup and cleaning

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