More from Monika: still not out of the Hospital – 2 Jan 15


I am writing you from Gurgaon today, near Delhi, with some news of Monika.

From Amritsar, we took our train in direction home but got off in Delhi to visit Monika in the hospital. The plan was not only to visit her but to actually pick her up. After surgery, doctors had told they might already discharge her on the 31st December 2014 but said it would be better if she stayed two days longer. We answered that we could pick her up any day – and if it was the 2nd January, we would be coming on the way and could take her along.

Already in that time however, doctors told that Monika would need to come to the hospital every second day for changing her dressing. Well, that was new information that changed the plans a bit – we would not be taking Monika home to Vrindavan then! To come every second day three hours by car and drive back again another three hours is not something you do with a recently operated person! So we needed to find a flat, a room for her and her mother to stay in for at least three weeks, maybe more.

So that’s how, while on our short holiday in Amritsar, I was making phone calls, gathering information and trying to find a space. In the end, we found a hotel close-by the hospital as the best solution: they will be comfortable and warm there, there are options for getting food nearby and, most importantly, the hospital is not far away. We were ready to get Monika moved.

When we reached Gurgaon today however, we had to change our plan once more: doctors said they would like to keep her one more day and would discharge her tomorrow. She is fine, happy and jolly – but she has not got up out of bed yet and the doctors said they would change her dressings in the morning and make her stand and walk before we could take her along tomorrow.

That’s how we are now staying one more night in Gurgaon and will then shift Monika to her room tomorrow in the afternoon. Next week, I will then give you another update!

Below you see a short video of Monika and Apra who were playing together a lot today!

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