Monika’s Recovery: standing and walking again – 13 Jan 15


I told you yesterday that we have been with Monika – and it was really great to see her! She has made great progress!

I met her first in the hospital where I had gone to consult with doctors what will be the further steps. She had come for changing her dressing and so I could see how it looks like underneath the bandage. It is amazing what modern medicine can do – when done properly! Again I had to think of her mother’s reports how in summer and at the state hospital, whenever the doctors opened the dressing, blood came gushing out of the wounds! Looking at it now – there are neat stitches patches of skin taken from her thigh on her eyelid, chest, neck and chin. A few drops of blood, no puss, already quite clean!

Back at the hotel, we arrived together with Monika’s ambulance and so also Ramona and her father could see what made me so happy to see: Monika is walking! She carefully stepped out of the ambulance but then already confidently walked on.

Of course we had heard about that on phone already. Three days ago her mother told that the doctors had told her to sit up and that she then carefully stood up as well. Seeing it with your own eyes however is a different story. Now she does not only walk around in her room but in the whole guesthouse! She has even made friends with the European guests in the room next door!

Looking at her more closely, one can see that the dressing on her eye is now placed higher, so that she can look out from underneath and move her operated eye already. She can close it from her own power. The dressing of her neck doesn’t let her nod her chin down but the great thing is that she can now move it up, something that the burnt skin previously prevented.

I guess I don’t even have to mention that she is not only physically better! She was in a great mood, although we got the impression that it was a bit boring sometimes, in her normal day at the guesthouse. We had made sure that there was a TV in their room – but as that cannot be the only entertainment, we handed over our gifts: a set of board games, colour pens, crayons, a book and a notebook to write and draw into! Just some things to get busy with.

Oh yes, and when I asked her if she wanted anything special to eat, she replied with the same request that Apra always has when out of the Ashram: chowmein, Chinese noodles with vegetables! We brought her that, too, along with some apple, mango and pomegranate juice! I am sure she had a little party, too, last night!

We took off but not without showing her the pictures and video that we made with all the teachers and school kids who had come to Apra’s birthday: they had recorded their message “Monika, get well soon!” This and all the wishes from people around the world made her smile again!

The doctors again told me that they would need to change Monika’s dressing every second or third day for the next two to three weeks. Until then, Monika will remain at her guest house – and I will report to you when we have been to visit her again next week!

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