Dreams of a better Future in Town – Our School Children – 18 Oct 13


Like every Friday, I want to introduce you today, too, to children of our school. This time, you will get to know two new students, Deepak, eleven years old, and Suraj, nine years old. Coming to another school was not the only change in their lives – they moved to Vrindavan in May 2013, when their school year at their old school had finished. It is the beginning of a new life chapter.

Deepak and Suraj’s family come from a small village about two hours from Vrindavan. Their grandparents, their father’s parents, have a field which was sufficient for the grandparents to live and raise their four sons. The four families of these sons however cannot live from that one field and so they had to set out to find other work. Deepak’s father came to Vrindavan in search for work many months ago and found a job as a watchman at one of Vrindavan’s hotels. When he got a day free once a week, he went to see his family. Once the school year ended in May, they also moved to Vrindavan.

The father of three earns 3000 Rupees per month, not even 50 US-Dollar, and gets one room for living as well. In this room, the five people now squeeze in. It is their bedroom, living room, kitchen and playroom. They have a balcony-like gallery which they are allowed to use as well. It doesn’t sound like much but for the parents it is a chance for a better life: out of the village, into the town. A steady job, better education for the children than in the village school, maybe the chance to save some money and settle down one day.

These were their dreams but when they came to Vrindavan, they found out that they would not be able to afford the good school education they had heard of! Where do children really learn something? In private schools, which take fees for everything and where the books are also not cheap! They were starting to get desperate when they heard one of their new neighbours tell of the school his children went to where all books were provided for free, where school uniforms didn’t cost a rupee and where there were no admission or exam fees! That’s how they were in front of our school’s doors when admissions began.

Deepak is in the 6th class and Suraj in the 4th. In the recent quarterly exams, Deepak became the first of his class and the teachers tell that both boys are hardworking and intelligent, paying attention during class and listening to their teachers. They have also made new friends by now and have settled in emotionally. They are a part of our school now and we will do our best to fulfill the wish of their parents: that their children may get the best of education possible.

If you would like to support children like Deepak and Suraj, you can help with a child sponsorship or by sponsoring the food for a day!

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