Another poor Family, another Attempt to help – Our School Children – 31 Oct 14


Today I want to introduce you to two new students of our school, Payal and Ashika.

A neighbour had heard of our school and thought of these girls and their family. He told the parents and the mother was lucky to come exactly at the right time: on the first day of our admissions.

That’s how we soon got to visit Payal and Ashika. Their mother, younger sister and Ashika were standing at the door of the corridor leading to their room. Entering there, we realized that it was actually the way leading to a garage with two rooms on each side. These rooms were rented out by the owner of the garage. And one of them is the home of the two girls, their younger sister and their parents. It has a corner for cooking and a small toilet and shower room.

This is what Payal’s father can afford. He is a driver for a private person who pays him about 65 US-Dollars per month. Half of the money is for rent and from the rest, they try to manage their household expenses. It was hard, especially with two girls in school and school fees having to be paid for both of them. They could not save a penny but often had to borrow money from relatives.

This is the opposite of what the girls’ parents had in mind when they came to Vrindavan eight years ago. More job possibilities, the more money, some savings and a secure future, that is what they were looking for. Instead, they are facing insecurity every day.

Now, however, the beginning is made for a better time: the girls can go to our school for free and the parents have a bit more money to manage the expenses and put a few rupees aside every month. A start in the right direction.

And you can be part of it! Sponsor a child or the food for a day and support us in our efforts!

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