Making a Home Loan possible – Our School Children – 9 Jan 15


Today I want to introduce you to Ria and Aditi, two of those children of our school who have been with us since the very beginning of our school in 2007.

Ria is now eleven years old and Aditi nine. Their little sister Pari is only four-and-a-half years old. One month ago, the family moved into their new home. They built it after having taken a loan from the bank. It is a loan over approximately 8000 US-Dollars with monthly installments of approximately 50 US-Dollars. That is a bit more than the mother’s monthly salary.

Ria’s mother is a teacher in a primary school. Her father is a priest who sometimes gets good work, in holy pilgrimage months when many people book ceremonies with them, and sometimes not – in inauspicious months for example. So the income of the father is not calculable and they every month have to save a bit for those months when he doesn’t have work!

They could only afford taking the loan because both elder daughters are in our free school and they don’t have to pay any school fees! Even now, the house is not fully completed – there is no plaster on the walls and they have just painted the bricks at many places. They will complete it bit by bit whenever they get a bit more money.

We are happy to see the families of our children improve in their situation! If we can support them just that much that they can get on their own legs and then their children to get enough education so that they, too, can work and earn, it is a big reward for us!

The teachers tell that the girls are good students, calm and working hard – and with many friends.

We are looking forward to helping them many more years! You can help us, too! Sponsor a child or the food for a day!

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