Coming to School for the first Time with nine Years – Our School Children – 14 Mar 14


A few weeks ago we visited a boy of our school, Rohit, at his home and I would like to introduce him to you today.

Rohit is nine years old but still in the higher one of our pre-school classes. This year is his first year of learning in a real school, after he had just learned the alphabet and some other basics with a neighbour. The reason why he had not been to a proper school until July 2013? The parents are illiterate themselves and don’t really value education very much – and additionally education normally costs money. Money which they did not really have.

Rohit’s father is a labourer, driving an ox wagon to earn his daily money. He does not keep the money in his own pocket though! He hands it over to his father, the head of the traditional joint family they are living in. Rohit’s grandparents run the home and both of their sons contribute with their small earning to the income so that everyone can eat, have clothes and live together.

There are plans however for Rohit, his parents and his younger sister of five years to move out of the common home: the plot opposite of the road belongs to the family as well. Until now, they were keeping the ox there but they think that the grandparents may soon decide to build a home for their elder son there. It is all in the hands of the eldest person of the family.

In any case, the family does not have a lot of money and that’s how we decided to teach Rohit at our school when his mother brought him to us last year. The teachers appreciate his power to quickly grasp new content – but of course that is partly because he is already three years older than the children who would normally be in this class. In our school this doesn’t matter: he is not the oldest one in his class!

We have encouraged the family to send their daughter to our school in this year as well, so that they can realize the importance of education when their children grow older.

We do what we can – and if you want to help us, your donation in form of a child sponsorship or a food sponsorship is very welcome!

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