A poor Background but a bright Future for two intelligent Girls – Our School Children – 27 Sep 13


In today’s introduction you will get to know another two sisters: Vinita and Tejeswani. Vinita is eight years old and has been at our school for three years. She is now in the 3rd grade. Her sister Tejeswani is three years younger and is now in one of our pre-school classes. They have a thirteen-year-old brother who studies in another, higher school.

Vinita and Tejeswani’s house is wall-to-wall with the home of Kumkum and Radhika, whom I introduced to you recently as well. The area that they are living in is poor but has so many children that they just have to take a step out of their home and they see their friends, ready to play. They don’t go without playing however even when the sun burns down on Vrindavan – they have a swing in their home, fixed to the roof, on which they can have fun anytime they like!

Entering their home, you walk through a hallway into a small kind of courtyard where they have a hand water pump and from where you can either step onto the roof or enter the house. Once inside, you are in a room which is used for receiving guests, getting together with family and for all kind of work that requires some space – and for swinging! There are doors for two small bedrooms, a kitchen and a tiny bathroom.

It is a modest home but the family of five is proud to call it their home. As usual for many poor families, they have borrowed money to buy it and are still paying off their loan. The girls’ father works in a small shop nearby, a salesman earning just enough to make ends meet.

Seeing the financial situation of the family it is not surprising that the parents are happy about the chance for Vinita and Tejeswani to come to our school. They don’t have to pay school fees, they don’t need to buy pencils, books, notebooks or uniforms and their girls get a warm lunch at school every day without them having to give even one rupee.

The girls love it, too! They enjoy going to school and their teachers tell that both of them are intelligent and good in their studies. While Vinita does not talk much in class and always pays attention, her younger sister Tejeswani is a very lively girl who interrupts the teachers often, eagerly to be the first to tell the right answer.

Hearing the reports of the teachers and seeing these two girls having fun at school confirms once more the importance and value of what we are doing – and it warms our hearts, making us thankful for all the people who support us. You can be one of them, simply by taking a child sponsorship or donating for the children’s food for a day. Be a part of this project – the children and we thank you!

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