One House, four Rooms, four Families – Our School Children – 14 Nov 14


When we went to visit the homes of our new children of this school year, we also came to the home of Priya and Himanshu. And once more realized what it means to have a proper home with space for everyone.

Himanshu was sleeping inside and when we came, Priya ran in to wake him up and get him out. In the meantime, her elder brother, who had been playing outside, had joined us, too. Their mother told us that Priya’s father had originally learned welding but didn’t find any work in his field. That’s how he is currently working as simple labourer on construction sites in Vrindavan. He doesn’t have a constant employer for this work but goes to the market where workers and builders get together every day to offer his work. In a regular month, he earns about 50 US-Dollar.

With this low income, they are lucky that they don’t have to pay rent! The house is theirs – or at least a fourth of it. Their home was built by Priya and Himanshu’s grandparents and when they died, it was passed on to their four sons. That’s how each of them is living in one of the four rooms of the home, sharing one kitchen and one common hall.

It is an old house. The street and the area around them was filled up with time but they just built the house on the plot as they had bought it. That’s how the house is now half a floor down from main street level. There is a back entrance to a side street which is even – but for the main door, you need to climb down.

Although they save money that others spend on rent, the salary is not big and Priya’s parents still worry how to get through the month. This worry increased when Priya started going to school and they had to pay the school fees for her as well. They were already paying for her elder brother and now Priya and then Himanshu, too, would need to go to school as well! They told their neighbours about their misery – and were recommended our school.

That’s how from July 2014, Priya and Himanshu have been learning at our school. They are very jolly, active children and we are happy to see that they are enjoying so much while learning a lot! Their parents are happy, too: their kids get education and on top of it a warm meal every day! Without them having to pay. For them, it is a great support now. For their children, it is the base for a better future!

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