Fixing Tyres just doesn’t bring enough to pay School Fees – Our School Children – 4 Dec 15


It is Friday, the day to introduce you to one or several children of our school. Today it is Sunita and Kavita’s turn. They are, in fact, not really sisters but cousins but as they are living together, always hang out together and even make friends together, I decided to introduce them to you together. Anyway, a second video of their home would look completely the same! 🙂

The families of Sunita and Kavita were among the first ones to find out the dates for school admission in April. How come? Kavita’s father runs a small shop right in front of the gates of our Ashram. It is actually not much more than a hut made from some wooden posts and a shade on top as well as one pole out in front with tyres of different sizes around: he fixes tyres, makes smaller repairs on bicycles and checks and fills up air in cars, scooters and bicycles. All Ashram vehicles including the school bus fill up their air there and so he could always find someone to ask when admissions would start.

There they were: the mechanic from in front of our gate with Kavita as well as his brother, who has the same kind of shop just fifty meters up and on the other side of the road. He had come with his daughter Sunita and his son Sumit.

Kavita is six years old while Sunita is seven. They had both been to another school which was then too expensive for the parents. We made a test and according to what they know, they have been placed into classes: Sunita into the UKG and Kavita into the LKG, the lowest pre-school class of our school. We did not admit Sumit this year – he is only four years old and thus a bit too young for starting school just yet.

When we came to visit the children’s home, we found both mothers in the middle of preparations for food. Although they live together, both families keep their money in separate pockets and buy as well as cook food separately. The elder brother has two sons and two daughters, with the oldest child being Sunita. The younger brother has three daughters, Kavita the oldest of them.

Together with the grandparents, this makes 13 people living in the rather small house that has two rooms – one for each family. The grandparents sleep in a half-open room or out on the terrace. That is a situation the families would like to remedy but of course, filling air into tyres doesn’t make anybody rich! They normally manage to get by with their finances but there is no space for extras – such as construction work!

That’s how we are now supporting the families by providing free education to their daughters, Sunita and Kavita.

You can help, too! Sponsor a child or the food for a day for the children of our school!

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