When the Death of a Grandmother increases financial Troubles – Our School Children – 30 May 14


Today I would like to introduce you to two more students of our school, Lata and Rahul. Lata is 14 years old while Rahul is 10 years old. They have two elder brothers, one is 18 years old and the eldest one is 21 years old.

When we arrived at Lata and Rahul’s home, we got to know that a week before, their grandmother had died. It was the mother of their father, a woman who had been living with them and had just been always there, as long as they could remember. It was thus a time of grief and of course the house was in a state of change – they had made one room available for the dead body for the hours right after her death. After that, the room was occupied by mourners who had come and was then used for the ceremonies that had to be done.

It was not only a difficult time emotionally but also financially, as Lata’s father could not earn money while he was at home, grieving the loss of his mother. While they live rather at the outskirts of Vrindavan, he owns a small shop in the center of the town, in the area where all tailors have their business. He is not a full tailor but offers small changing work in clothes, hemming or reattaching buttons.

Obviously, this does not bring a whole lot of money, not even when he sits and works there the whole day. It was thus a relief for Lata’s father when his eldest son decided to learn welding and finally started earning money some months ago.

That’s how, with the combined efforts of two family members as well as the support of our free school for the two youngest, the family can make ends meet and even save a bit. These savings will be necessary for Lata’s wedding, they say. They agree that there are still at least four years until that day but as they won’t be able to save a lot every month, they need to start now in order to have a good dowry for her. This will make it possible to find a good match, a man who earns enough for Lata not having to work herself. She is still a child – but this is what her parents are concerned about!

For now however, she is learning in the third class of our school and has most of all her studies in mind. She always looks serious and rather quiet when you meet her – except when you happen to see her with her friends! Then she opens up and talks like all teenage girls do. Rahul is not as good in his studies as his sister is but he doesn’t disturb the class either, so teachers just tell that it takes him more time to fully grasp the information.

We know that their education will give these children a better future! If you would like to help us giving such a possibility to other children as well, you can sponsor a child, sponsor the food for a day or make a donation of any amount.

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