One Room and a Wall until some Day there will be Money – Our School Children – 28 Feb 14


Today I want to introduce you to a very active little boy called Mohit. He is eight years old and has started learning in our school in this year. As he had not been to school ever before, he is now in our first pre-school class – and he loves it!

Mohit’s father is a simple labourer. He has an ox and a wagon, which he drives in order to earn money. His father had bought the property in Vrindavan which, after his death, was divided into two parts: one that now belongs to Mohit’s father and one that belongs to Mohit’s uncle.

Mohit’s family has one room to live in for two parents, Mohit and his three-year-old sister. Although they have built one wall for another room, with already in-built shelves, they have not been able to further extend their house. The money was just never enough until now.

That is no wonder, considering that Mohit’s father goes to work one day and then searches for three or four days until he finds the possibility to work again! There are too many labourers for everyone to get work – at least according to Mohit’s mother, who tells us about the financial problems she thus faces.

The fact that they would never know whether there would be enough money or not in the next month, kept the parents from sending Mohit to school until now. If they could not pay the school fees the next month, what then? After hearing about our school however, they brought their boy and have never been happier with a decision.

Mohit is a jolly boy who laughs a lot and obviously also does lots of nonsense. In the class that he is in now, his playful nature is supported as the teachers sing and rhyme apart from teaching them the alphabet in Hindi and English as well as basic mathematics.

We hope that Mohit may thus be able to achieve his goal for the future that he proudly tells us of: I want to become doctor!

You can support children like Mohit with a child sponsorship or by donating the food for a day for our school children.

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