Marble Floor at Home but no Money for good Education – 30 Jan 15


Today I would like to introduce you to Jaya, a girl of the 3rd class of our school. She is ten years old and a very jolly girl living in an area where many of our school children have their homes.

We arrive at Jaya’s house and see that there is an entrance door – but it is not there for keeping people out, just to provide a minimum of privacy, preventing people from looking in. If anybody wants to get in, he could do so from any of the adjacent buildings, as they not only have the same walls but also have roofs of the same height, so that you can actually get from one house to the other easily via the roof. Of course, you can also look onto the other houses’ courtyards and we thus quickly had quite an audience of neighbours witnessing our small meeting.

Jaya is the youngest of four children. Her eldest sister, at the age of 22, has already been married for the past four years and has two small children. Her brother, 18 years old, is in the 11th and her sister, 15 years old, in the 10th class of a nearby government school.

Jaya’s father is a marble worker. He lays marble floors and has, from some cheap rest pieces of his work, also laid a marble floor in their home. It looks a bit out of place with the non-finished walls and the obviously very simple furnishing of the small home. Jaya’s mother doesn’t know how much he earns but tells that they mostly manage to make ends meet, telling proudly that he works with some of Vrindavan’s old constructors. Just sometimes there is not enough work and then they have to borrow some money from the rest of their family.

They are happy that they don’t have the expenses of rent – they inherited the home from Jaya’s grandfather. It has two rooms, the courtyard and a roof. It gets crowded, when everyone is home and the eldest daughter brings her children, too, but they don’t mind. At least, they say, the house is ours!

Jaya is a good student and especially likes science and social studies. With her jolliness, she makes many friends and of course among those are many from the area she lives in.

If you would like to support children like Jaya in getting good education in our free school, you can sponsor a child or the food for a day!

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