If you lose your Job, you can’t send your Child to School – Our School Children – 15 May 15


Today I want to introduce you once more to a boy of our school. Actually, he has not even spent a day at school because he is the very first admission to our school for the new school year. His name is Amarnath and he is seven years old.

When Amarnath’s mother was pregnant, the family moved from a village in Rajasthan to Vrindavan. Amarnath’s grandparents had already come here for work and his father had just stayed in the village to work on the family’s field. As they are three brothers though and the field is small, there is not enough harvest to feed all of them. Amarnath’s father did not however follow his parents’ or his elder brother’s example to work in Vrindavan but he went to the Ashram of the family’s guru.

Together, Amarnath’s parents worked at that Ashram for several years. They lived there and while Amarnath’s mother helped cooking and with other works, his father assisted in ceremonies, saying mantras and helping the main priest. They got about 80 US-Dollars a month and additionally accommodation and food, which enabled them to send their boy to a private school nearby for a bit more than 11 US-Dollars a month in school fees, uniforms, books and exam fees on top.

About a year ago, their guru was so generous to gift them a plot, a piece of land on the very outskirts of Vrindavan. The space was low down and they had to fill up quite a lot in order to build their room, kitchen and bathroom which they are now living in. They would like to continue, bit by bit, but now they have a big problem: they were sent out of the Ashram they had been living and working in!

Now they don’t have any regular income anymore. As an assistant priest, Amarnath’s father can sometimes find work but it is very difficult to actually make a living from this, as there are so many people in Vrindavan who work in this profession! His brother is in a very different situation – he has a small shop and property on which he rents out rooms. He however has only what he has done in the past years. He will find work occasionally – but he won’t be able to pay the school fees he was paying before! He may sometimes even struggle paying for food, clothing and medical expenses for Amarnath and his baby sister who is now one-and-a-half years old.

That’s how the parents came to us and admitted Amarnath at our school for the next school year. So that they know their son will learn and have a bright future!

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